19/3: We are heading this week over to Stavanger to catch the Norwegian Petroleum Society in action, at the Norsk Oljemuseum (Norwegian Petroleum Museum) in Stavanger for a talk by the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate entitled, Managing Petroleum Resources in Norway from a Regulatory Perspective.  During our previous visit to the petroleum museum we were able to capture the floating earth exhibit (above) that reinacts a meteor screaming down on the Gulf of Mexico, sending ash into the atmosphere.

A collection of various types of drill bits, presented in glass cases, like fabulous gems on artistic mounts could not escape our attention. Look for more details on the "portraits" page.

16/3: We attended the Opening Conference of the Faculty of Social and Educational Scienc (see flickr link here), NTNU, Trondheim, Norway

PanArcticon logo at a distance!
Dr. Christian Ritter presenting on digitial energies
Harald Aspen, Chair anthropology, et al. !

15/3: We walked over to the Participatory Workshop on Vision Co-Creation for the Forum of Young Scholars in Sustainability as part of NTNU's Strategic Initiatives on Sustainability. What a great event! Everyone was excited about the brainstorming session where we broke into groups of 3 to 4 persons and identified key themes associated with sustainability, wrote post-it notes and placed them on the drawing board under titles such as Mission, Operational, and Strategy.

A great way to meet folks on campus involved in interdisciplinary work as well. We began with a short circle line up and a questionaire about each other, not just introductions only, but also identifying who was inside the EU, from elsewhere, disciplinary and personal likes. A shot below capturing inside the group.

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